Polonya’da Gençlik Değişimi 10-16 Ocak

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Proje Detayları :

The project associates 80 people from 5 different countries: Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Turkey (2 exchanges with 8 people from each country). Sport and culture are the main themes of the exchanges. We want to show people, not only those young ones, that sport and culture are an extremely important component in everyday life. We live in the times of constant rush and often forget about active lifestyle, which is a mistake. People focus on their work often and forget how culture and sport can be important for them. We want to encourage young people to become more active and to reach that aim we will use informal methods of work.

They will allow us unconscious implementation of good practices and strengthen the chance for using those practices in the future. We want to engage young people with fewer opportunities into our actions. Such people often do not have the chance to engage in various actions due to the area they live in or their difficult financial situation. By involving them in active participation we want to overcome the problem of social marginalization and promote equality of chances. We hope to involve local communities in project activities and encourage them to undertake their own actions and become more active.

During the exchanges we will organize national evening, where each country will have the opportunity to present their culture, customs and traditions. Not only will it serve broadening people’s knowledge about other cultures but also about participants’ own culture. Thanks to intercultural activities young people will develop the attitudes of tolerance and respect towards ‘foreign’ nations. Undertaken actions will also help in minimizing the very often mistaken stereotypes, concerning other cultures and nations.

During the implementation of the project we planned a complex strategy of sharing and disseminating the results – we are sure that thanks to putting so much attention to this part, we will be able to achieve much better results than planned and the effects of our work will be used in future actions in Poland, as well as in other European countries.

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