5 Million Euro Investment from Wtatil.com to Uzakrota

Uzakrota, which was opened as a travel blog in 2010 and has been directing the world tourism sector with its tourism organizations since 2013, has received an investment of 5 Million Euros from Wtatil.com, which has offices in cities such as Bangkok, Tirana, Istanbul and Izmir.

Currently based in Dublin, Uzakrota organizes conferences in New York, London, Berlin, Belgrade, Istanbul and Baku that touch every aspect of the tourism industry.

Gökhan Erdoğan, the founder of Uzakrota, said, “The conferences we started in the conference hall of Bahçeşehir University with 50 people in 2013 have turned into conferences with 6,000 people from all over the world and we carry out these events in very important brand cities. With this investment, which will be used entirely for the growth of the company, we plan to grow our Dublin office, create different sub-brands in addition to Uzakrota, and continue our activities in which we touch every area of the tourism sector. I would like to thank the Wtatil team and especially the company owners, Cihan Saray and Cansu Varlık. ”

Cihan Saray, one of the partners of Wtatil, said: “Uzakrota was one of the few organizations in the world, a brand that we have been following for a long time and that we have been actively involved in the last years of this journey, and we would like to increase it to ITB and WTM levels one day with more support. At the moment, we are happy that Turkey and the two fastest-growing companies in the world come together at the same point. A new story begins for us. ”

6000 people from countries such as Mongolia, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Germany participated in the event organized by Uzakrota in November in Istanbul. The brand will hold events in Dublin on 22 May, Belgrade on 15 September, Baku on 20 October, and Istanbul on 24 November 2023.

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