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Your Children Can Draw on This Rental Car

When you are a kid, you probably had problems about drawing where ever you want to draw. Good news for you! The company Hertz released a car that you can make drawings inside. Now, you can let your inner child draw whatever and where ever it wants so that you bring out the Picasso in yourself. With the new Volvo XC60 provided by Hertz, you and your children can make drawings inside the car. This was thought as a solution for the children who get bored during the long travels. The good news is that, when a family gives back the car to the company, the drawings can be cleaned easily. This way, the next family can use the car as soon as possible.

The trial run was made in London with an event for the families, which resulted with positive feedbacks. However, the company is still not sure if they really want to release this car. Hopefully, with the effect of the positive feedbacks, it seems possible that they will release it.


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