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While Booking a Hotel Social Media Plays an Important Role For Young Customers!

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Do you know what are the travellers’ criteria for choosing a hotel? You can say location, local experiences, accommodation type and such are the top criteria but in addition to these there is one more criteria along the way! It is social media that young customers give too much importance while deciding to stay a hotel.

A research conducted by Travelzoo revealed that getting social media savvy plays essential role to catch younger customers’ attention for hotels.

Among the respondents, generation Z who born after 1996 says their top priority is how their holiday will look on social media (%55).  It is also the same for Millennials who born between 1987 and 1995 (%42).

However, for people who born between 1946 and 1965, social media is not major concern. Only %10 of them says that they consider social media factor before giving a decision about which hotel they should stay.

Research also claims that Instagram and Facebook are powerful applications among Millenials and Generation Z and they have influence on booking decisions because young customers want to be seen perfect on social media!


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