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The Wink General Manager Kris Carlson is building a brand new boutique hotel brand from scratch. Just a month before the start of the project, the hotel in Washington, DC, started the project by bringing new ideas, fun features and an interesting nature.

own Social media Thanks to its deep understanding of The Wink'S Instagram account, sharing the personality of the hotel and was successful in introducing to hotel guests.

In operations under a year, Wink lies in a dog-friendly environment, focusing on local entertainment and waves in the region with packages for every visitor.

Sojern Sit Down spoke with Kris Carlson in this edition about creating a unique brand in the hospitality industry.

[Sojern]: What do you like most about your business during your years in the hospitality industry?

[Carlson]: The best part of my job is to work with people; see the satisfaction of the guests, and sometimes more, the satisfaction of our staff. The Wink is a great place with a different workforce, so it's so fun and exciting. I learn a lot from travelers and staff.

[Sojern]: What process did you undertake to create brand awareness when starting boutique hotel?

[Carlson]: In December, I joined the project to launch The Wink and was released in January. We spent only a month and a week to raise awareness. I knew we had to build our web site and digital media right away. First we look at the brand identity - we are working on names and colors / visuals. We needed a marketable, marketable market.

There is always a change plan, but the most important issue is brand identity and how our partners identify with it. Everything comes back to the DNA of the brand. Since we wanted our business partners and guests to contact the brand, we really liked the vision and the vision for efficiency.

[Sojern]: What challenges did you encounter when starting Wink?

[Carlson]: A real challenge that we have to overcome is a hotel that belongs to a consistent and secure hotel chain and transforms into a fun boutique hotel area. Renewing our hotel soon, will increase the brand presence and will change the whole atmosphere.

We had to spend a lot of time to buy one. When everyone sees every type of brand, it is hard to make people try to understand the brand. We had to fight preconceived ideas about what the brand should be.

Using Social Media to Show the Personality of the Hotel

[Sojern]: How did you apply The Wink to Instagram when you were building a hotel?

[Carlson]: Instagram is great to showcase your personality. Successful accounts know that ads are not the key to attracting the attention of their followers. Personality is displayed and there are things that can be marketed in personality - which is happening with The Wink, and that's what we want from the beginning. We are exhibiting something that makes us feel like our energy and a fun experience. We wanted to put in the culture what we want to do in the hotel and I hope the guests want to do these things and get inspiration from them.

[Sojern]: How did you approach paid and organic social media?

[Carlson]: Of course, there are big differences towards an organic and paid social approach. It's not organic advertising for us, it's all about personality. I like to think that something I saw walking on the street was a source of inspiration for writing. It makes it absolutely organic. It is more strategic to decide where and when to pay the paid social budget.

[Sojern]: Republishing on Instagram can increase interaction. How do you choose reissues?

[Carlson]: As part of our Instagram plan, we republish it by selecting a content that will reflect the brand. It really fits the desired frequency and flow through The Wink. People are drawn to images and entertainment. When we repost, we are looking for people who want to be our guests or to be our guests. The amount of tracker a user has is not really part of the decision-making. Taking a good photograph is more important than having 12 followers or 200 thousand people - people are drawn to visuals and fun directions.

[Sojern]: Resubmit your guests' stories and archive them for Instagram Highlights. What are some important gains you've experienced using Instagram Stories?

[Carlson]: We also republished guest stories and archived them for Highlights. Guest broadcasts are always exciting. They usually return to establish a relationship at some point. The associates see and love themselves or their names. After all, social media is very busy today. People bring their personal worlds and business world together because this is really the same thing, your social media presence represents you.

Linking to Community with Instagram

[Sojern]: The Wink is very community oriented. How does Wink give it back to society?

[Carlson]: One of the favorite ways to go back and add some fun to our profile is to host the adoption events with the Humane Rescue Alliance. They come once a month to find a home for dogs and puppies. About half of them were adopted by the partners at The Wink! These events were a great success.

We love dogs at The Wink. We have our personal Wing dog style treats. When they come to us, we are given the comforts of dog beer (chicken and beef broth), dog beds and other dog. Washington DC is not generally dog friendly, but it is our place. For dogs that love to swim, two nearby dog parks, one fenced and a river. There are also many restaurants in the area, including a dog-friendly patio seating area.

[Sojern]: You broadcast messages about activities in the region, how does it help you connect with society in a unique way?

[Carlson] We've learned that our guests really like the event updates. Everyone can look at what to do in DC, but they may not find the unique and the different. Our colleagues know more about what is going on than others, so you get advice from them. Everyone knows the White House and the Smithsonian; but we know the inner workings of the DC and the cool parts of the mouth.

[Sojern]: How do you promote packages?

[Carlson]: We have a variety of entertainment packages for different travelers. They are introduced on our website, in digital image areas and on Instagram. We target campaigns to individuals who will fit in a package, for example; families with music lovers, bookworms or small children. We take only a few of the packages themselves; but most of them make a package reservation and room reservation. Or they see the package and decide that they don't need it; however, look at the value in The Wink and finally book a room. To promote things, we change the environment and keep it fresh. We don't really get discouraged when people don't make a package reservation because we see how many people look and how often they turn into room reservations.

Lessons Learned To Launch A Hotel Brand

[Carlson]: There's nothing like making things perfect. If I was given the chance to do it again, I could have opened a few social media accounts earlier. During the holiday season, everyone made great progress while on holiday; but we could have been more intense and more revenue. Sojern was a great example of a marketing channel that we opened, and this helped tremendously. With video advertising, he earned $ 87,000 in direct bookings in just six months. We started partnering with Sojern's RevDirect ™ and then started advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

[Sojern]: Can you give the hoteliers the best three tips on using Instagram to help start a brand new hotel?


1. Start as soon as possible.
2. Make sure you have the amount of continuous content published. Therefore, do not allow large gaps to be exposed, people may lose interest.
3.Do not be afraid of doing fun or feel free.

[Sojern]: The Wink's Photos in @ planinde ne var?

[Carlson]: Our next steps for the Instagram plan will definitely include more videos. We are working on some great video shots that we hope will be more interactive. We also ask some fun suggestions from people. We have a future event, so we're very happy with the suggestions. Finally, we want to show the details of the renewal on Instagram. Instead of a crazy party, I prefer to create an Instagram moment.

The Wink works with Sojern RevDirect ™ to help increase bookings.
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