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We've already met and chatted, but can you talk about yourself again for our readers *

Tourism-acquainted at the beginning of 1990, incoming starting with adventure resistance, built a traditional tour when the general manager of the operator full charter in Turkey and outside Turkey in Belgium (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, etc.), I continued doing destinations for outbound operations. After that, I assumed the position of MICE and Corporate Travel Manager in a travel agency belonging to a holding company operating in the field of pharmaceuticals and FMCGs for two years, and extended my tour with my delegations by attending the official delegation, delegation-weighted groups in nearly 80 countries. As of 2011, I have been the founder manager of Odamigo Ways & Rooms, a strategic partner of Amadeus, which distributes online B2B travel products that only serve travel agencies.

Odamigo what? Can we listen to the story of the establishment?

As I mentioned before, I have seen the needs of agencies and I wanted to resolve it. I set out with the intention of creating a system that focuses on the points where agencies are forced, unlike the systems currently used. I made this request in 2011 with a small team Odamigo We have put under service. For example, for agencies, the confirmation was a challenging point and for the first time Odamigo Reconfirmation service. In other words, we established an extra control mechanism 1 or 2 days prior to the confirmation from the supplier and we started to reduce the usual difficulties of the agencies regarding reservations. Or other services that we provide outside of our hotel airplane tickets, which can be done easily from anywhere in the weight of the ticketing process is difficult to reach or in normal conditions, we have given the routes and routes. non-SIP in Turkey, non-ticketed air routes, ticketing description SOTO, low-cost barriers to agencies such as airways, negativity, we bring solutions to the point that lived roughness. We have never lost our excitement since the day we were founded and we grew up with the people who have grown up in the tourism sector. We never said asla okay çalışmak when we were growing up, never compromising on improving ourselves and trying to provide better service. At this point, our biggest aim is to solve the needs of our travel agencies. We wish to see that the whole sector is progressing in a structure in which we grow and develop.

What kind of services does Odamigo currently provide to agencies?

We are currently assisting agencies in aircraft and train tickets, hotel bookings online. With our HelpDesk team, we are always on hand to our agents. Online platforms We try to make everything possible through it. For a passenger, the event is just an experience of the whole of the journey, not a stay in the hotel and not stay there. To add breakfast from the baggage, group reservations, to request a pharmacy in the vicinity of a family for the baby, to participate in any organization intended for business or leisure, to make any arrangements in a field that is required or required for passengers ecz

In fact, we are standing by the agencies in every moments of their customers, from buying a ticket to a venue or a sports event.

What is the difference between Odamigo and its competitors? Why should agencies choose Odamigo?

First of all, Odamigo Hotel can display more than 410,000 hotels on a single platform and make a comfortable search on the map with their hands. They can reach our HelpDesk team anytime for any problems that may be attached to their heads. Prepare online offers to corporate passengers. Another difference from our competitors; Even if they do not request for any hotel reservations with Odamigo, the agencies will receive reimbursement services. The biggest advantage for our hotel is that the work is reliable. A + quality service.

”We increase the service quality of the agencies and save time.“

I think that this is the biggest advantage that we offer to our customers and agencies in the hotel as our top priority and the fact that their customers have a travel experience as far away from the problem as possible. In addition, with the help of a single button to give Amadeus ghost PNR, we help agencies prepare their travel programs more easily. Likewise, with back-office integrations, we reduce the time-consuming time costs by reducing the number of errors that may occur in human hands to accounting processes and accelerating their operations much faster. Many points of the system are filled with various details similar to these, I can easily say that an agency working with Odamigo can increase service quality and above all save a lot of time.

We also have a ticket section; agencies only on international railways Odamigo, so that the comfort of the train Odamigo they can live with confidence. In our country, the newly recognized train transportation is actually much easier, less time-consuming and cheaper than the plane. For example, if a passenger is traveling by plane, he must first go to the airport, which is probably a bit far from the city center, and also be there for a while before departure, and must handle and wait for the baggage and security procedures. On the other hand, he must wait for the baggage at the destination and then travel to the city center again as he is away from the city center. Many train stations are located in the city center and connected to the metro line. For this reason, it is possible to reach the station from a short distance and get out of the waiting and landing points in a short time. In addition, business travel on the internet and telephone connection, leisure travels, also looking at the scenery.

We provide more than 250 low cost airlines on the same platform. On the other hand, let's say that there was a flight that they could not find in our system or in any other system. Of course, the only difference is not the low cost of airways. With our support, the other countries of the airline companies to reach their local IATA price, only a Turkey which is not almost each side branch or agency in the world will partner with agencies. Again by means of SOTO tickets we can provide up to 40% advantage.

            ”A combination of airplanes and trains“

And our new platform, which brings together two transport routes under the same roof Odamigo Tickets and air tickets and tickets can be booked from the same location. On their chosen route, they can display both aircraft and trains at the same time on the same screen, thus creating more creative and special travel plans. Combining various transportation facilities and accommodation, there are also agencies that do not depend on certain packages and create their own tours.

            Or Odamigo Club Winning Agents Extra “

In addition to all of these, Odamigo Club programThanks to the travel agency employees, they earn points in every online transaction and spend these points as they wish. Like everyone else, we were tired of the systems that could not accumulate points, even if they accumulate, which were difficult to use, and passed them with a simple reward after hundreds of purchases. For this reason, we have presented Odamigo Club as a developing system which can be used easily by a wide range of people. So far, positive feedback has been received. The Odamigo Club continues to develop further, providing agents with an extra income.

Is there any international investment in Odamigo? Will there be planned country openings in the future?

Odamigo, and built a company established with 100% Turkish capital in Turkey. Especially for serving travel agencies visited in recent squabbling that unlike many foreign players in Turkey and that the tax liability of a company that is aware of Turkey. While there are already countries in which it operates directly or through its partners abroad, there will be different investments in the coming days.

How do you see the future of B2B platforms? Especially in the corporate market in recent period, there is quite a mobility?

I observe that in a tiny room the smoke coming from a chimney that is stuck in the chimney is spreading in such a way that it does not see the eyepiece and makes it difficult to breathe, and that B2B platforms try to show themselves to the agents in this room by stepping on each other's shoulders.

            ”Natural selection is inevitable“

I believe that natural selection is inevitable in time. Indeed, we have seen some examples, we see. First, it is very tempting to have foreign firms in terms of providing the statistical value of our country are not interested in Turkey in this field. Similarly, companies that think that they offer a complete solution and invest in fast-paced natamam software believe that they are making a portfolio transfer by trying to buy each other's sales representatives. On the one hand, unrealized investments, discounts and unrealistic kick back contracts are among the factors triggering natural selection in terms of not being sustainable. In my opinion, travel agencies should make decisions in many different criteria. They shouldn't let their eyes be painted with their short term promotional tactics and they shouldn't waste their hard-earned customers. Good technology; fast and high quality, difficult time, a HelpDesk on the side, from Turkey, the central invoicing with established banks, 8% KDV eligibility in the domestic hotel, most extensive content and of course competitive prices must always demanded determination. However, only in this way the sector will win and travel agencies will be able to fully satisfy the needs of the end-user, while improving the satisfaction of the passenger.

Is there anything you want to say last?

So far in different cities in Turkey not only promote our product but aimed to raise awareness of the sector and the development concept we have organized meetings for educational purposes. In addition, I personally provide training and consultancy services for travel agencies, especially for the organization, optimization and saving of corporate travel services. I would like to add that we are and will be with the agencies in such and such possible needs. We will try to articulate in a transparent and impartial way what they need to pay attention to when they prefer another b2b platform. As soon as we are unable to meet these criteria, the competitive market will keep us out of the way the centrifugal force does. We promise to continue to act with the awareness of this.

Thank you very much for your time and nice chat.

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