Japanese Retailer Muji Designs an Autonomous Shuttle Bus Resistant to Weather Conditions. 0

The Japanese retailer, known for its minimalist aesthetics, helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha. This bus has been designed with safety in mind and has been tested in the most dangerous weather conditions in Finland.

As self-driving vehicles become more popular, they focus more on their safety, including their performance in harsh weather conditions. The Japanese home appliance brand Muji has also collaborated with the Finnish car manufacturer Sensible 4 to design a weather-resistant, self-driving shuttle bus.

Muji Gacha

In challenging weather conditions of the country Gacha The Finland-based Sensible 4 tries to produce a bus designed to work well under dangerous driving conditions, especially in heavy rain, fog or snow. Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible 4, emphasizes the importance of these efforts for the future of self-driving cars; De Autonomous vehicles cannot become mainstream until technology is built to operate in all climatic conditions, “he said.

In the case of Muji, the retailer typically works on household appliances, but contributes to the completion of the bus by designing the brand aesthetics. The company uses the same vehicle design experience as its car designer Nissan and brings its famous minimalist look to Gacha. The two brands are hoping to promote the bus fleet in 2020.

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