Orion Span, Lüks Uzay Oteli için Kitlesel Fonlama Kampanyası Başlattı

Uzay turizmi şirketi Orion Span, 2022’de hizmete başlaması beklenen lüks uzay oteli Aurora İstasyonu için bir kitlesel fonlama kampanyası başlattı.

Uzay turizmi yarışına ilgi duyanlar (bu yılın başlarında Aurora Station ile ilgili haberler ile büyülenenler dahil) şimdilerde projenin yatırımcıları olabilirler. Kampanya, teknoloji ve tüketici pazarlarında 220’den fazla tecrübeli şirketi finanse eden bir öz kaynak kitle fonlama platformu olan SeedInvest’te yayınlanıyor.

“Uzayın herkes için daha erişilebilir olmasını sağlamak”

Orion Span CEO’su ve Kurucusu Frank Bunger; “Orion Span, uzayın herkes için daha erişilebilir olmasını sağlayarak parlak bir geleceğe bakıyor. SeedInvest ile ortaklık yapmak ve kitlesel fonlama kampanyası başlatmak, herkesin bu parlak geleceğe yatırım yapmasını sağlamak için mükemmel bir fırsat” dedi.

Kişi başına 9,5 milyon ABD Doları tutarıyla Orion Span’ın 12 günlük Aurora İstasyonu seyahatini 2022’de hayata geçirmesi bekleniyor.

Gezginler dünyanının 200 mil üstüne, alçak yörüngeye (LEO) roketle fırlatılacak ve sıfır yer çekimini deneyimleyebilecek, kuzey ve güney ışıklarını gözlemleyebilecekler, yörüngede iken yiyecek yetiştirme gibi araştırma deneylerinde de yer alacaklar (bu yiyecekleri hatıra olarak eve götürebilecekler), güvertede sanal gerçeklik deneyimine de sahip olabilir ve Instagram akışını yüksek hızlı kablosuz internet erişimi aracılığıyla da güncelleyebilirler.

Her gezginin 80.000 ABD Doları depozito yatırması gerekiyor ve geleneksel ödeme yöntemleriyle veya kripto para birimiyle bu ödemeler gerçekleştirilebilir.

“Şu an uzay yolculuğu olasılığına ilişkin çok fazla heyecan var”

Bunger; “Aurora Station’ın tanıtımını bu yılın başlarında gerçekleştirdiğimizde inanılmaz, hatta neredeyse büyük bir tepki aldık. Şu an uzay yolculuğu olasılığına ilişkin çok fazla heyecan duyulması dolayısıyla, bu sürpriz olmadı. Bu projeyi daha geniş kitlelere açarak, herkese mekanı kolonize etme misyonuna dahil olma ve bu tarihi anı paylaşma şansını vermekten heyecan duyuyoruz” diyerek ekledi.

Aurora İstasyonu’nda sunulacak lüks konaklamalara ek olarak Orion Span, uzay araştırmaları ve astronot hizmetleri için fırsatlar sunmayı da planlıyor. Uzayda insan toplumu oluşturma ve sürdürme misyonuyla Orion Span, büyümesini sağlayacak şekilde talebe göre dinamik bir şekilde ölçeklenecek.

Pura Yachts by Dutch Ship Maker Royal Huisman

Hundred years of Dutch ship maker Royal Huisman met with architect Mani Frers to allow each buyer to customize his yachts.

Much of the engineering of the 130-meter yachts will be completed in advance; however, the shape of the yacht, deck and superstructure will be formed by the cooperation between the owner and Frers throughout the process.

Similarly the interior can also be customized; however, for up to eight guests and six crew members, there must be enough space for the cabin and a wide range of high-end comfort.

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Japanese Retailer Muji Designs an Autonomous Shuttle Bus Resistant to Weather Conditions.

The Japanese retailer, known for its minimalist aesthetics, helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha. This bus has been designed with safety in mind and has been tested in the most dangerous weather conditions in Finland.

As self-driving vehicles become more popular, they focus more on their safety, including their performance in harsh weather conditions. The Japanese home appliance brand Muji has also collaborated with the Finnish car manufacturer Sensible 4 to design a weather-resistant, self-driving shuttle bus.

Muji Gacha

In challenging weather conditions of the country Gacha The Finland-based Sensible 4 tries to produce a bus designed to work well under dangerous driving conditions, especially in heavy rain, fog or snow. Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible 4, emphasizes the importance of these efforts for the future of self-driving cars; De Autonomous vehicles cannot become mainstream until technology is built to operate in all climatic conditions, “he said.

In the case of Muji, the retailer typically works on household appliances, but contributes to the completion of the bus by designing the brand aesthetics. The company uses the same vehicle design experience as its car designer Nissan and brings its famous minimalist look to Gacha. The two brands are hoping to promote the bus fleet in 2020.

Casio Pro Trek Saat is reporting your current location.

The clock has GPS mapping that receives data from three different satellites to update your current location on a full-color map.

Even when you are offline, you are allowed to view the map and all information can be downloaded.

Altitude, atmospheric pressure and directions can be monitored by built-in sensors. Waterproof up to 50 meters and robust housing, United States of Americahas passed military MIL-STD-810 test.

In addition to a range of outdoor applications, Ski Slopes for the coming season can be easily downloaded from the list of featured applications to keep track of all the challenging tracks.

Can Lilium Jet Air Taxi Be Your Future's Transportation Tool?

Lilium Jet Air Taxi, which is far beyond many VTOL concepts, plans to start service earlier than the announced start date of 2025.

Originally planned as a private aircraft, the electric plane will be used for an Uber-like air taxi service. The wings, which provide most of the propulsion power during the flight, and 36 electrically operated ducted fans, which result in a range of 186 miles, are used.

The design of the Lilium Jet was carried out by a former automotive designer, and the company has already explored the cities to be the first to host this service!

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Google Home Hub can be a New Assistant for Hotels.

Powered by Google Assistant, this small set consists of a 7-inch screen with a speaker. So, will hotels in the future use Google Home Hub?

It fulfills normal tasks such as scheduling settings and general questions, or publishing media from YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora, among others, and Google Photos offers a perfect digital frame for

It also gives you the chance to review all the compatible smart devices you have in your home. Perhaps this is the most impressive feature. It doesn't have a camera, so you don't have to worry about being watched and the silent mode switch on the back increases your privacy and turns off the microphones completely.

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Volvo Delivers Drivers an Autonomous Vehicle Alternative to Air Travel

What's the worst thing about airline travel? There is no need to make a great effort to give an answer. You may have to place your belongings in plastic bags for long flights and long periods and waiting times or safety passes for a flight to be at the airport.

Volvo aims to solve this common pain point in a day short distance domestic airline flightsis creating a concept car to eliminate the need for na.

It, Volvo 360c. From the outside, it's a sleek looking concept car that is completed with vertical lighted tail wings. With the emergence of all those futurist self-driving vehicle concepts of automobile manufacturers' design studios, it can be understood that the 360c is rejected as a design example for a hypothetical future.

Undoubtedly, the thought of the Volvo team was also thought. Volvo Design Vice President Robin Page; Inde The concept of autonomous vehicles tends to turn into a technology window instead of a vision of how people use it; but Volvo is a human-centric brand. We focus on the daily lives of our customers and how we can make them better. 360c is the next iteration of this approach. 360

What Volvo recommends with 360c is an alternative vehicle to domestic flights with about 200 miles or less. The interior is designed to mimic the functions of a first-class airline seat in a single configuration. In the evening, a 360c journey can be made from New York and the passenger seat can be turned into a flat bed later in the morning and early morning in Washington, DC.

Various storage drawers and boxes are integrated into the interior design. A possible scenario for 360c is also run by a luxury hotel. The 360C fleet can be managed by a hotel and can be sent to pick up passengers who are full of items they may need on a trip, including meals and cocktails.

Volvo's interest in developing an alternative autonomous vehicle for short-haul airline flights is based on numbers. In the US, 740 million passengers in 2017 made domestic flights and the US domestic travel industry has billions of dollars in revenue, according to Volvo.

When traveling to the airport, security checks and waiting times are added, it can travel in the same time as a flight from NYC to Boston, from Dallas to Houston and from Los Angeles to San Diego. The 360c can offer opportunities to compete with a first-class airplane seat in a personal space as a rideable vehicle at any time.

The chances of traveling with 360c are almost zero. But Mårten Levenstam, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Volvo, says the brand has not given up on the idea or opportunity.

Itself; Lar We don't know what the future of autonomous vehicles will be; however, people will have a profound impact on how they travel, how we design our cities, and how we use the infrastructure. We see 360c as a chat point with more ideas and answers while we learn more 360.

BRS Offroad Sherpa Camper Caravan to Attract Adventurers

Designed with extreme care for durability, the caravan can be fitted to your vehicle in rugged terrain, while the integrated Cruisemaster suspension provides complete assurance.

Inside the unit there is a 30-liter refrigerator, a 21-inch LED TV, a 200-liter water-holding tank, and a heated interior with an open-air oven, a stove and more.

BRS Offroad Sherpa The Camper Caravan starts at $ 44,000 for those who want to buy, and points to the rise in adventure travel as consumers want to spend time outdoors rather than on vacation in cities.

Sony Alpha Imaging Collective Spot Photography

Sony has developed an online community, the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, to draw attention to photographers who do amazing things with Sony equipment.

This global community is online and brings together different artists who are excellent in their fields. In addition to emphasizing the photography of ”future generations Bu, this new club aims to capture and create a content that inspires others to share their love for travel, love and, above all, photographic art.

While there are several exclusive brand ambassadors, everyone is inspired to inspire this journey. Content that attracts the attention of these different photographers is shared on the brand channels; Taking photos and connecting travel enthusiasts, sharing stories and creating a space to find inspiration.

Emirates Offers Exclusive Noise Canceling Headphones for First Class Passengers


Emirates offers first-class flight opportunities, with more quality wines, as well as the Byredo eye cream, now providing extra silent flight headsets.

For the Dubai-based airline that carries first-class service to the next level with noise-canceling headphones and Bulgari brand kits Bowers & Wilkins has been specially created and offers custom-made technology that is compatible with cabs. E1 headphones with new technology have been canceled.

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