Three Great Tourism Technology Site Investments 0

Tourism technology initiatives have been changing rapidly in the recent years. There is, of course, a good reason for this. People now travel the world more than ever.

As with all developing industries, there are a few initiatives that are overlooked, and we are now introducing three major technology investments that we need to know in the tourism industry

Three Tourism Technology Site Investments

travello - More, happier - a social travel app based in Australia travelloUsing this app, it was the meeting point of 350,000 travelers traveling around the world. This week, we received Travello on our list because it received $ 3.6 million in the second round of investment negotiations. In the first round, the $ 900,000 brand began broadcasting in 2015 and is like social media for travelers to meet your traveling companions from around the world, catch up on the best local opportunities and catch travel tips for your trip. Ryan Hanly, the CEO of Travello, believes this will have a different place in today's world where everyone likes to socialize. However, Travello is not the first of its kind - Gogobot; A similar app that collects a $ 39 million fund and is purchased by Now Where Are You Now (WAYN) is another social travel site that collects $ 11 million from investors, but WAYN has been purchased by Lastminute Group for more than $ 1.2 million.

However, what makes Travello different is that the initiative focuses on community development, unlike other practices that have lost their sense of community.

Paravel - A round led by Fitz Gate Ventures and 8VC Startup He received $ 3.2 million in seed funding from the Company. Not a bad exit for a company that produces smart suitcases. By bringing technology to a whole new level; The technological suitcase, which also offers the possibility of collapsing for luggage and storage, seems to be our greatest helper in the future.

We are wondering when we will be able to see the baggage planned to be produced at the factory to be established with the support of the 8VC which was established by Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz in 2016 and with the support of the investors such as Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch.

I kimke - Palo Alto-based company with a fund size of USD 3.7 million, which is USD 2.7 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners, has started its adventure in 2016 with a $ 1 million fund. The initiative, which aims at facilitating your personal travel experience by providing travel information and contacting local experts, appears to be an old thought approach, creating an inferior spiral system through the online booking process.

While most of the processes are manual, the company plans to switch to a system that uses artificial intelligence in the near future. As of now, travelers and customers can interact with travel agencies who know any selected travel destination. Online, user-friendly interface can interact.

Technology, such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, chatbots and mobility, continues to integrate quickly into travel, with the fact that technology leaps into every aspect of our society and prepares a different ground for the travel industry.

When it comes to investments, we see travel technology brands as a focal point. In 2017, the amount of venture capital financing invested in new ventures trying to be a pioneer in travel technology solutions and innovations was $ 25.5 billion.

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