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A Backpack That Can be Transformed to A Chair!

If you are a backpacker and travelling throughout the nature, you would probably look for the practical and multi-way products for your journey.

The Chameleon Pack looks like a backpack but you can transform it to a chair conveniently. Through this new inventory adventurers will gain from the time they spend on the packing procedure but they will enjoy the nature and journey more. Does not that sound very cool if you are a nature lover?

It is really easy to pack the chair into a backpack and the return it to a chair. This convenient feature of the chameleon pack lets the travelers enjoy their time wherever they would like to. In addition, the backpack feature of the pack makes the adventurers easily stop wherever they would like to and then continue from where they left easily without time wasting.

After you untie the backpack you get a comfortable lounge-chair which also includes places to carry your personal items within. The system is ultra-light however it can carry up to 135 kg. The pack has more features: it has a holder for your water-bottle and laptop. It also has a wide stowing compartment. The whole pack is water-resistant.

This backpack looks like it will be essential for the adventurer backpackers


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